Family Relationships Counselling in St. John’s, NL

Family Counsellor St. John's, NL

Family relationships play an important part in overall mental health, often serving as the primary source of identity and support.  Unfortunately for many in St. John’s, these relationships can also be the source of anxiety, stress and pain.

Family therapy focuses on interactions between family members in an effort to create a strong, positive environment that can help individuals flourish.

Family Therapy Can Help With …

Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Build a stronger family unit
  • Improve coping skills
  • Increase understanding of differing needs and viewpoints
  • Develop strategies to overcome problems together

Family therapy is focused on the family unit rather than individual issues.  This approach allows our counsellors and therapists to help you identify the patterns and interactions within your relationships. From there, sessions can focus on helping your family find new ways to change and grow together.  Family therapy doesn’t look determine who is at fault.  Instead, its goal is find ways that your family can improve and solve challenges it may be facing.

Not every family that attends family therapy are facing hardships.  Families in St. John’s often choose to attend counselling together as a way to simply check-in with one another and build on positive relationships.

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Our family relationship counsellors and therapists in St. John’s, NL

Lesley Vaters - St. John's Therapist
Lesley Vaters
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Teens, Adults, Families

Anthony Murphy - Counsellor & Therapist
Anthony Murphy
Canadian Certified Counsellor

Children, Teens, Adults, Families

Veronica Thompson - Counsellor & Therapist
Veronica Thompson
Canadian Certified Counsellor

Children, Teens, Adults, Families

Lisa Brushett Child Counsellor
Lisa Brushett
Registered Social Worker


Kristen Hogan
Kristen Hogan
Registered Social Worker

Children, Teens, Adults, Families

Jill Morgan - Counsellor
Jill Morgan
Registered Social Worker

Children, Teens, Adults, Couples and Families