Marriage Counsellors in St. John’s, NL

Marriage Counselling in St. John's, NL

When marriages are at their breaking point it can seem like separation or divorce is the only option.  Take hope in knowing that many couples in St. John’s, NL have improved or rescued their relationships by talking through their problems with a professional marriage and couples therapist.

By providing the skills needed to talk openly about difficult topics, couples counselling can help address ongoing issues and unaddressed stress.  We can help you work to rebuild your marriage relationship, or if you choose to separate or divorce, to do so as civilized as possible.

Can seeing a marriage counsellor in St. John’s help ?

Meeting with our marriage therapists in St. John’s, NL can help to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you and your partner, allowing you to talk openly about the issues that affect your relationship.

Our marriage therapists have helped many couples address issues with …

  • conflict resolution
  • poor communication
  • power imbalances
  • jealousy and anger
  • intimacy
  • in-law relationships
  • marriage guidance
  • blended families
  • extra-marital affairs
  • domestic abuse
  • financial issues

Why start couples counselling?

The reasons for starting couples counselling can be as unique as your relationship. Couples counselling can help you …

  • learn simple strategies to reduce conflict
  • learn ways to recover and rebuild trust
  • discover how men and women cause and solve problems differently
  • learn your partner’s communication style and how to listen effectively
  • discover ways to restore fun, passion and laughter to your relationship
  • understand how to better meet each other’s needs

What to expect during your first session of marriage counselling?

Your first appointment will provide an opportunity for both of you to discuss the major issues you are facing in your relationship.  Your therapist will then help you develop specific goals and begin the process of open and productive communication.  Our therapists will not judge or take sides and all discussions during your couples counselling session are confidential.

We offer options to attend sessions in person or online using secure video.

How often do couples counselling sessions take place?

Most couples in St. John’s prefer appointments every two or three weeks, however we do offer flexible scheduling. Some couples like to attend weekly sessions and others simply schedule a relationship check-up once or twice a year.  Every relationship differs, so we would be happy to chat about what works best for you during your first appointment.

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Our marriage counsellors and therapists in St. John’s, NL

Lesley Vaters - St. John's Therapist
Lesley Vaters
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Kristen Hogan
Kristen Hogan
Registered Social Worker
Jill Morgan - Counsellor
Jill Morgan
Registered Social Worker